tl;dr Once I discovered Triumph makes fuel injected triples, I was hooked. <straight to the pictures>

The story of my Street Triple R begins with the awesome 955cc Triumph triple I had purchased about a year before. Actually, it goes back further than that. In my late 50s I got back into bikes after taking all my useful adult time off. My first vehicle was a motorcycle as a birthday present when I turned 16. for the next 5 years, I rode everyday. Hours everyday. Then a child was born and life took its turns until May 2009 when I pushed a basket-case 1967 Triumph home to work on. It didn't run, but eventually it did and that was 8 bikes ago.

As I got more and more into bikes this time around I started to become a serious moto-sports fan. I went to a lot of local Flat Track races, and watched a lot of motorcycle racing on the computer and TV. MotoGP, World Superbike, AMA Pro Racing and the Isle of Man TT.

During this time I had built two awesome '67 Triumph Street Trackers, a nice Cafe Racer and a vintage 250cc Flat Track race bike. Also druing this time, I kept hearing the Isle of Man TT announcers mention how wonderfully awesome the Triumph and MV Agusta 3-cylinder 'triples' sounded. I'd heard talk of it before, but never actually heard one in person. I seriously contemplated making a cafe racer style bike out of the late 70s Yamaha XS 750 or 850. Inexpensive to buy and fairly available.

Problem was, I became very frustrated with the '79 Kawasaki cafe bike I was riding as it was such a chore get the line of four carburetors to sync up with one another and the Yamaha triple was sure to give the same trouble - plus it was shaft drive and that might not make for a cool cafe bike.

I'd experienced a fuel-injected bike when my wife bought a 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan. The computer controlled FI was completely trouble-free. Any weather, any day. It just worked.

I discovered Triumph had been making fuel injected triples for some time.