Hello – April 16, 2016 is the date I purchased this Triumph Thruxton R – I’ve been chronicling my motorcycle adventures since May 2009 – the time of the holiest of miracles when my wife allowed motorcycles back in my life – I had misbehaved once many years before that – during a rare moment she was watching and the word then was ‘Get rid of it’ – Times change and so do people, so in the last seven  years I’ve had 8 motorcycles,  5 of which have been Triumphs. This is the latest and at my age, perhaps the last.

The title of this blog includes ‘Custom Fit’. We’ll start off outlining some of the changes I made so this bike would fit me, then we’ll cover other adjustments and modifications that took place. Hopefully, we’ll talk about future changes that happen as we go along.

When I say ‘fit me’ I mean being able to get my feet flat on the ground. Being 5′-4 (or about 162 cm), means there’s a whole class of bikes with seat-heights that are too tall for me and my safety. Most cruisers have low seats, I’ve owned one and it was easy to maneuver, but it just wasn’t my style. Most of the dozen or so bikes I’ve owned could use and inch or so of height reduction and the 2016 Thruxton R is one of those.

We’ll start with the seat.