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Rear fender elimination is one of the most common modifications being made by owners of the Triumph Thruxton and Thruxton R - By regulation, bikes sold in the EU need to have the license plate extend beyond the rear wheel, so the Triumph is made in accordance of this rule. However many owners do not like the look of the appendage hanging over the rear of the bike and there's no such regulation exists where I live. There are many 'kits' available to alter this.



While these kits can be expensive*, I had noticed the tail light that came with the bike had a radius that seemed to fit nicely with the curve of the back of the bike...


As I like to do things myself, rather than buy a kit, I wondered if I could just move the tail light under the seat and hang the license plate below?

While the rear fender is ridiculously expensive to replace, it is less expensive that most of the FE kits, so even if I messed things up (or later decided to return to the stock look) I could buy a new fender if needed.

I took the rear apart and began to cut off the part I didn't want.



... and fit what was left of the fender to the bike.


I found a diagram of the wiring -


Made an aluminum plate to hold the tail light and the license and put it back together. (the plate has since been adjusted to aim the light straight back and the plate was painted black as well)






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